New: Rental Aids to Navigation
As per November 2023 we have rental Aids to Navigation equipment in stock. For every situation where you need temporary navigation lanterns (up to 10 nm visibility range), a fog horn, and/or Aviation Obstruction Lights, we have solutions available for rent. Please contact us for more details.

Important message about Tideland Signal
Per June 2020 Tideland Signal was closed down by its owner Xylem Analytics. As former agent/distibutor/subcontractor for Tideland Signal, Jansen Marine & Offshore decided to continue her Aids to Navigation activities independently. Over the course of 2020 Orga BV purchased the IP and the factory of Tideland Signal and continued the operation as Orga Signal. Even though we independently work on the marking of offshore structures, we closely cooperate with Orga Signal. 

For more information about our solutions for marking offshore structures, please contact us.