Jansen Marine Agencies BV

Jansen Marine Agencies BV was established in 1975 by Pieter Jansen and was acting as agent for manufacturers of wire rope ferrules, splicing presses, winding machines, lifting chains and accessories and large fittings for wire and fibre rope. In 1995 Robin Jansen joined his father part-time in the company and started developing new markets, by becoming agent for manufacturers and suppliers of fenders, buoys, quay side equipment, and Aids to Navigation.

In 2005 Robin became partner in the company. However due to changing market conditions, in particular the rapid development of internet, increased competition and rough times in port construction, general construction and the offshore oil and gas industry, a new market approach was required. This resulted in the establishment of Jansen Marine & Offshore Trading.

Jansen Marine & Offshore Trading BV

Jansen Marine & Offshore Trading BV was established in 2012 by Robin Jansen, next to Jansen Marine Agencies BV, in order to create more added value, reduce delivery times by keeping stock and to be able to offer additional services and products, which was not possible through the agency firm. Jansen MOT became distributor for JDT (Theile GmbH) and keeps a stock of attachment points, hooks, links, spare parts and other related equipment. Furthermore, Jansen MOT became distributor and sub-contractor for Tideland Signal. As per the 31st of July 2020, the contract with Tideland has ceased, due to Tideland being closed down. Jansen MOT will continue the activities previously done in cooperation with Tideland.

Jansen MOT also works with other manufacturers and suppliers in order to offer solutions for clients with regards to lifting, mooring and testing equipment and has become the expert in the temporary marking of offshore structures, such as abandoned platforms, jackets and monopiles.