Aids to Navigation

Since we became agents for Tideland Signal, we have been involved in the supply of Aids to Navigation. Our core focus is on marine lanterns, radar beacons (RACON), AIS transceivers and power supplies for the above.

Following our extensive experience in the marking of offshore structures, we can provided several additional services as well, including the design and manufacturing of custom solutions and remote monitoring.

For larger projects we acquire all items when required, but for emergencies and small projects we keep items in stock. This included:

– NOVA-65 HI 10 nm white marine lanterns

– NOVA-65 5-7 nm white marine lanterns

– Aviation Obstruction Lights (ATEX)

– Windsocks

– Wave-Off lights (ATEX)

– Spare lamps for older lamp changers in several amperages

For emergency marking of offshore structures or jetties, we now have a small stock of rental products available: 

– 10 nm white Morse U lanterns with solar panels and batteries

– skid with 10 nm Morse U white lantern, solar panels and fog horn (2 nm, Morse U)

– skid with 10 nm Morse U white lantern, solar panels and battery box