Lifting equipment

After being agent for the J.D. Theile chain factory for over 35 years, the J.D.T. and ourselves decided to start a new and different form of cooperation. As per January 1st 2012, we have become a distributor for J.D.T. with a significant stock position in certain parts of the portfolio of lifting chains and accessories.


The primary products we keep in stock, are the attachment points of J.D.T. The Theipa Point lifting points of J.D.T. are probably the most advanced available in the market today. They are available in few different types:
– Theipa Point TP – the standard version with bolt
– Theipa Point TP-F – the version with female thread
– Theipa Point TP-S – the weld-on version


The Theipa Point lifting points offer the highest Working Load Limit (WLL) when the load is applied at an angle of 0 degrees.

For applications where the load is applied at 90 degrees, we recommend using the Flatpoint range of lifting points.

Of course we also keep the well-knows TAPS weld-on lifting eye in stock.

The Theipa Point and Flatpoint lifting points are manufactured from ENORM Grade 100 steel.

Apart from the lifting points, we keep various types of hooks (Grade 80 and ENORM Grade 100), spare parts sets for the hooks, coupling links and shortening clutches in stock in our warehouse in Leek.

We keep a large number of items in stock. This includes the following products:

– Theipa Point ranging from 0.5 t up to 28 t SWL

– Flatpoints ranging up to 15 t SWL

– Weld-on TAPS in both grade 80 and grade 100 ranging up 10 15 t SWL

– Several types of hooks in grade 80 and grade 100 up to 18 t SWL

– Spare parts for most commonly used hooks up to 18 t SWL

– Large 32 and 36 mm connecting links